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I am Vijya Kumari and I am basically from Bangalore. You can say that I am a great dreamer. I am loveable and have a lot of goals in life. I meet my friends very often. I am a person who will not sit around but will enjoy the journey! A healthy lifestyle is also important to me and I am trying to eat healthy food.

My main interest is my daughter. Yeah! That is why I am doing this Escorts in Bangalore I know you won't believe it but I am a mother of a girl. she was born fifteen years ago. So, you can understand that she will be in college after the next three or four years. I think in a year I will be alone and will see her only once in a year. I just know that some men will never date ladies who have kids already and that’s the reason I’m looking for a short term relationship. Because I want to first know the person as Escorts in Bangalore.

Well, I am a career-oriented businesswoman and I am looking for the same who has goals and ambitions in his life. I want someone ready to be in a short term relationship. If you will have all qualities and if we will form great chemistry and bond then we can think about going further in a relationship. I want someone loyal because I’ve had been through so much in my life that now I don’t trust man easily. If you are honest, faithful and loyal then you can drop me a message to invite an Escorts in Bangalore

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I am an Bangalore escort who absolutely loves entertaining people. It is one of my favourite types of escort meetings! I am genuinely bisexual, so can interact with the female in your relationship, just as much as the male. I have an endless amount of ideas of what naughty games you can all get up to together. Being Escorts in Bangalore able to put the spark back between you both and give you an erotic experience that is out of this world.

I love allowing gentlemen to test out their fantasies. Many people return to me for another session of intimacy. Seeing me regularly, as I am such an amazing person to temporarily bring into the most intimate part of your relationship for an Escorts in Bangalore.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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