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Hello people, my name is Mahi Chawla and I am basically from New Bangalore. By profession, I am a Blogger. Well, I started my journey as a Blogger six years ago. I always love to be in front of the camera. I used to click pictures and would make videos of everyone.

When I was studying in college I've had started my YouTube channel. I used to create videos of traveling, makeup and fashion style. Other than that I love traveling. I and my family used to go on holiday twice a year and I started making videos of it. I didn’t know people would love it that much. I got almost one million views on my last video. And I started focusing on the video log. This is how I encounter this Bangalore foreign escorts.

Right now, I travel all over the world and put videos of it on my YouTube channel. Other than that I love doing makeup like I just love playing with different colors and to create new looks. You can say that I am a colorful, sweet and happy person. Well, my dream is to be on the front cover of a magazine. I know it sounds unreal but that’s what I really dream of. I would love to travel through South America sometime, especially Argentina. Something about the culture speaks to me, not to mention they make fantastic wine and some Bangalore foreign escorts.

My work allows me to meet and interact with different people but I want to find someone who can understand me. Someone who shares great chemistry and bond with me. I am looking for a person who is ambitious, well-settled and trustworthy. If you think that you have all these qualities then feel free to message me anytime. I will be there as Bangalore foreign escorts.

I have many more things to tell you which you will be more interesting and engaging as Bangalore foreign escorts.

I give and receive pleasure without inhibition, it is something I crave. I love being a naughty little sex minx, the naughtier the better. I will teach you the many alternatives to explore your body and sexuality in ways you haven't yet imagined I am mischievous sexpot, with a full ass worthy of a spank! My heritage is noticeable in my clear olive complexion and thick dark hair. If you are craving an endearing and affectionate confidant, you have found me. I enjoy foreplay in your deepest desires and fantasies of a Bangalore foreign escorts and hope that you will find my open-mindedness both liberating and exciting.

Standing 5 feet 4 inches tall at 47.6 kg. If you ask nicely and treat me like the classy lady. My size 34 D breasts and the rest of her flawless body. I am dressing sexy as always, decent that makes me what substance I am of. I am a fabulous girl who had experiences that very few Bangalore foreign escorts have had, and all that has made me so desirable, that many clients. The gaze that I have in my lovely eyes can mesmerize people within moments.

Hindi, English

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